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27 November, 2006

Hrithik makes looking bad look really good...

... and Bips makes looking hot look really cool.

Moo-V talk - brought to you by Ms. V.

This week's release:

If you're looking for something to exercise your mind, Dhoom 2 is definitely not for you. But if you're looking to get your hormones real excited, go for it.

Hritik has something that no one else does. We've seen guys with well-built bodies, and we've seen guys with great dance moves. But ever seen a guy with fantastic muscles moving with such flexibility? Add to that a good-looking face and you have a man to die for.

Since Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, I have been waiting for a chance to letch at him again, and so far, none of his other movies delivered. You can change my name if you're a chick and you're able to watch him rock the Dhoom Machale song without having drool trickle down your chin. Even my guy friends sitting next to me had their mouths open in awe.

The story is so-so if not predictable with some major flaws in the plot line (the biggest one for me being "why is only the Mumbai police force behind an international criminal?"). The movie does not have you "wowing" at the robberies unlike "The Italian Job", "The Thomas Crown Affair" or "Ocean's Eleven". But there is still enough in the movie to keep the adrenaline pumping.

For the ladies, there's Hritik for drop-dead gorgeous and there's Abhishek for rugged coolness. Uday Chopra does not do much for the hormones, but he provides much-appreciated comic relief. And for the men, there is Bipasha who is looking mindblowingly stunning. In one song, she's clad in an orange gown and all her sensuous moves turned ME on! Aishwarya does what she does best - looks really good and sucks at acting. Her first scene was so awkward, it was ridiculous. Ash can look hot but she cannot pull off looking cool. So, in my opinion, Bips with the lesser-character role, stole the show.

Nothing more to say about Dhoom 2 except one thing. Hritik, the superstar is back!

Last week's release:

Another movie I want to talk about a little is Vivah. I never really read any reviews but the titles to a lot of them conveyed the message - don't waste your money or time watching Vivah. I still went ahead to watch it. And I'm so glad I did.

Vivah was absolutely adorable. Though some scenes were very reminiscent of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, since even Vivah had Alok Nath and Anupam Kher playing in-laws, Vivah came to me as a breath of fresh air. The story is very very predictable but that's not the point. The point is that even today, we still have a director who is willing to make a movie without a smooch scene, without having his female lead (or an item girl) almost naked, and without dhishum-dhishum of any sort.

Vivah will probably strike a chord amongst our parents' generation than ours. And I find that so sad. We expect our parents to change with the times. And yet we can't be open to what used to be part of our culture. Arranged marriages are becoming old-fashioned. A shy bride is becoming old-fashioned. A city boy marrying a village girl is becoming old-fashioned. Indian culture is becoming old-fashioned.

With all Bollywood movies becoming part of one huge glam-fest, I embrace the simplicity of films like Vivah with open arms.

(And people need to stop using the phrase "It's just another love story." Would you ever call your love story "just another"?)

Earlier this month:

A lot has been said about it, so I won't say too much. Shah Rukh Khan sucked as Don. I know it's unfair to compare this Don to the previous one, but I felt that the movie was almost insulting to the previous one. The biggest flaw of Don? Casting. SRK is not Don material. He may be a superstar, he may be King Khan (blech!) but he can never be Don. In fact, I think Abhishek would have made the perfect new Don and not just because he's Big B's son.

And is it just me or is there way too much of Boman Irani in Bollywood these days??? Get him off the damn screen!!! Seriously. What was Farhan thinking when he cast him to play the big villian in the movie? What a damper. One thing he did do right was give us Arjun Rampal - the actor. Behind the "I cannot describe in public the effect everything about him has on me" looks, body and voice, Rampal proved that he is taking his new profession seriously. I want MORE.

Earlier this year:

KANK. If you're not a Karan Johar fan, don't go watch this movie and crib about it. You know the kind of movies KJ is going to churn out, so why do you expect KANK to be something its not going to be? Ram Gopal Varma has his genre of movies. David Dhawan has his. And so does KJ. People just need to stop being stupid. I liked K2H2. I liked K3G. And so I liked KANK. As simple as that. (Though casting Rampal in a movie sure earns brownie points from me!)

Coming soon:

A movie I'm looking forward to is Kabul Express. I watched the promos and it's been a long time since a Bollywood movie gave me goosebumps. As I heard Arshad Warsi and John Abraham describe their experience shooting the movie, I was thinking "Man, these guys have balls!" The entire movie has been shot in Afghanistan, apparently the first movie ever to be fully shot there post-Taliban. They even said they actually witnessed live bombings. In one incident, John mentioned that they had been strictly warned to stick to one particular dirt-road and neither go slightly right or slightly left as there were land mines on both sides! All this in the name of movie-making? Very impressive to me. All that effort is well worth my money and more.

17 November, 2006

I will NEVER get over it.

(Do not read post. Go read the news and fill me in on the fun stuff that's happening in the world.)

Some things time will never heal. I don't know why that is so hard for you to understand. Are you stupid? Insensitive? Or a whole lot of both? It's like when someone's been injured really bad. After some time passes, there's a scar left where he'd been wounded. In some cases, there's a little bit of pain that remains behind that scar to remind him for the rest of his entire life that he'd once been injured. You'd understand that pain, wouldn't you? Every time that person flinched when you punched him playfully on his once-broken arm, you'd feel bad for him and be glad it wasn't you, wouldn't you? So, is it because I don't have a scar to show as proof of being wounded that you don't understand? It's not my fault that I can't show you the hole in my heart. But how is it that this same you can understand the plight of your other friend who'd been dumped 5 months ago? He doesn't have a scar for proof. But he must obviously be in so much pain. After all, the love of his life just broke his heart. What's not to understand? That sweet little thing he knew for maybe a year or two walked all over his heart. That must really hurt. Not that another sweet little thing won't come right by and set it all right in a matter of time. But in my case? There are no replacements. This is not about some sweet little thing I knew for only 1/10th years of my life. And yet you don't understand. You just don't understand. Well, let me ask you just one question then. Do you have any idea what it's like to be sitting all alone in your room, away from your family and friends, crying on the day of the first death anniversary of your bestest friend in the whole wide world, and to receive a phone call on that same fucking day that informs you that your dad is dead? Do you have any fucking idea? No? Are you sure? It doesn't happen to everyone? Geez. Well then, the day you know what that feels like, you tell me to fucking get over it. For now, shut the fuck up.

10 November, 2006

He knew. She knew. They knew. I don't news.

Over the past 2 weeks, I've been getting the feeling that everyone's beginning to believe I might be the female version of Michael Kelso. (For the uninitiated, there's Google.) There may be those of you who've had that opinion for a long time but you've just been wrong all this while. However, now, I wonder if "the people" (like they really matter!) might be right.

I've officially given up "The News". It's been a while since I've read a newspaper and I don't watch TV either. I do live on the Internet, but I don't waste my time hitting up news sites. So, in other words, I'm sort of cut off from world events.

Today, I was sitting on the couch, flipping channels to find something interesting to watch for 10 minutes while I relished my cold glass of pomegranate soda (somehow cold things taste so much better in the winter).

"...the Democrats have taken over the Senate..." - FLIP - "...and just a dab of rouge will help your beautiful cheekbones to pop out..." - FLIP - "...MOM! Milhouse is not my best frie..."

"Heyyyyyyyyy! Change it back!!!", screamed my roommate.
"What???? WHY? I don't want to watch the girl scream in glee over how beautiful her cheekbones now look!" replies I.
"Not that. I've already seen that episode. Flip it back to the news. They're talking about the Democrats' victory." whines my roommate.

Now here's what a penny would have gotten you at that point in time.
[Gosh. He's so slow. He reacts to everything 10 hours later. And he's already seen that episode? Geez. His "kind" puts me to shame! But I guess a Democrats victory is something his "kind" needs. Huh?? A Democrat victory? What victory????]


"There was an election????"
Unfortunately, I said that out loud.
"Oh my goodness! You didn't know that?"
"Uhm... I don't really keep up with the news."
"What kind of lame excuse is that?"
"Well, the Democrats control Congress now."
"Yeah, I sort of gathered that."
"So, do you know that there's a storm heading towards Vancouver tonight?"
"Ohh! Really? Anything serious?"
"And do you know that Brad and Angelina are currently in India?"
"And do you know about the pastor who resigned?"
"Okay, so you must have at least heard that Saddam's been given the death penalty, right?"
Brain overload. Must sit down and take deep breath.

Okay, I lied. I didn't say that aloud. But I honestly did have no clue that there had been an election. So, had I admitted that out loud, the above conversation would have pretty much taken place. After all, the rest of the news bites mentioned above (which, I'd like to mention that if had been told to me all at once, would have followed that exact order of priority) were also told to me, courtesy: my so-up-to-date-with-current-affairs roommie. Except for the one about the pastor which I was tricked into reading online only because the headline had the words "sex" and "gay escort" in the same sentence. Enough said.

But yeah, as I was saying, I have cut myself off from the world. My friends probably watch the news but there are better things to do and talk about when we hang out. So, my only source of current affairs is The Dilbert Blog. In my opinion, if Scott doesn't blog about it, it's just not important! And about taking sides on issues, I stick with his. It's not like the media isn't biased, and I like him so much better than the media because he makes me laugh. So, since he hadn't really brought up the above issues, I was quite unaware. I guess now I understand why he was making all that fuss about the electronic voting machines.

Is it wrong of me? Am I being ignorant? I just don't care to read anymore about natural disasters and lousy politicians and wars and rapists or even miracle children and Oprah and China's booming economy. I honestly don't care. And I don't know why I don't care. Yes, it's depressing to hear about the horrible things happening to people (because some day that "people" could be me) and it's also depressing to hear about the great things happening to people (because I'll spend the rest of my time wondering why great things don't ever happen to me). Ohhhhhh. Eureka moment here. I don't care because it's depressing to care! Very well, then. That's the end of this post.

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