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28 July, 2008

"Well done, McDonalds" or "Why kids need to STAY IN SCHOOL!"

I'm not a hard person to please. In fact, one thing that makes me very very happy is McDonald's McFlurry. It's a very simple, easy dish that involves mixing various chocolates\candy in vanilla ice-cream. My favourite one is the Smarties-Rolo combo McFlurry. It puts a satisfied smile on my face.

So, today, I go to McDonalds for the sole purpose of wanting something to smile about. After standing in the ridiculously long line (I still don't understand why people eat the other stuff at McDonalds!), I place my order. I look at the 14? year old in front of me who is about to make me very very happy.

First, she brings me 2 McFlurry's - one Smarties and one Rolo. I say, "No, I want just one, with both Smarties and Rolo." I'm still smiling at her, as this small setback is nothing compared to my happy feeling I'm going to get afterward. She comes back with the order and I leave.

Outside the building, I start to sense that it doesn't look like the colourful McFlurry I have grown to love. Maybe the Smarties are hidden underneath, as I saw pieces of Rolo on top. I took a bite.

Stupid #$%^ing Bitch! That was KitKat. Not Smarties. I like KitKat. But not in my McFlurry. I wanted Smarties. Seriously, how hard is it to get a simple order right??? I gave her not one, but two chances!!!!

Maybe I should have gone back and got it exchanged. Stand in line again for 20 mins till she screws up my order yet again? It's just a $3 item that does not seem like a big deal. But it's not about the money. I wanted my "happy meal" and she couldn't even comprehend my order. Why is she even working there?

I think kids need to remain in school and concentrate on being there. I don't understand why 14-15 yr olds have to get jobs and try to become independent. Yeah, they grow up faster, but what's the point if they remain stupid? When kids work while in school, they probably enjoy coming to work more, as they get paid, and then have their own money to spend on Pokemon cards and other stuff, while instead their parents should be getting them these things, so that these kids stay at home and study their books!!!!

The winner here is definitely McDonald's who hires these kids. The best kind of employees are the ones you can hire at $6 an hour and pay them $2 an hour instead, because their dense brains won't catch the difference anyway!

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