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Try me.

12 February, 2007

Huffing and puffing

Today was a beautiful day - a breathe of fresh air (literally). Usually, the weather around this time of the year is wet or dreary or chilly or wet or dreary or chilly. But today was perfect. A sunny day, clear blue skies, a cool breeze - exhilarating. I took a deep breathe to fill my lungs with the freshness in the air. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Cough cough cough!!!!

I turned to my left in disgust to find the culprit of my irritation - a 30-something year old female having a cigarette. Why anyone would find the need to be smoking on such a beautiful day is beyond practical reason, but to stand in the direction of the blowing breeze and thereby, cheat others next to her of their beautiful day is a worse sin. I stared at her, angrily. For a sudden, I felt most Harry-Potterish, as her cigarette proceeded to fall out of her hands and onto the dirty mud in front of her. "Serves her right", I thought to myself.

Without so much as a flinch, she calmly bent down, picked it right up and put it back in her mouth. And that's when it hit me - why smoker's smoke. They'll just about put any filth into their mouth.

Die smokers. Die.

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